Spd member survey: the art of the right calculation

How to expect the world already – a comment

Since the result of the membership survey is present, the SPD functionaries are cheering: 66 percent for the Groko. What more do you want? A clear two-third majority. In the end, the sense of responsibility has also won the members.

But how did you expect the blob? Just slowly to write. Voted goods 463.722 SPD members. That’s 100 percent. Of those have 378.437 Your Votum submitted: That’s 81.6 percent. Of this again 362.933 GULTIG. These are only 78.26 percent.

In other words: from the 463.722 voting SPD members have 100.789 not participated in the vote. These are together with the counter-votes 224.118 and therefore 48.33 percent. This is a concerior headwind, especially when considering that the yes votes for the Groko yes only 239.604 and therefore not – as the party’s performance was the calculated – 66 percent, but just 51.67 percent.

So if you look at this in the right light, the commodities of the coalition are so straight by a blue eye on the crashing defeat. A rough victory and a clear majority is definitely not. The Social Democratic Posse game just goes into the next round. And the next round was so chaotic become like the many rounds before. Serve seriously believes that at the end of the SPD-Phoenix retreaded and already and attractive like never before it stops? After all that already recognizable in the coalition agreement, lazy compromises and shifts on the ST. Nimble?

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