Npd continues towards militanz

On the party day, it became clear that the neo-Nazis will not be clear with the money and with the left

Three teachings must be drawn from the party congress of the NPD in Bamberg: Neonazi can not deal with money. Without the brown "black block" Can not win the party in the West flower pace. Compared to other neofascist groups in Europe, the German ultracolds seem determined to remain a political care.

A party congress is usually a ritualized event without real debates on content. Most of the most interesting are often the application, which are put back, but recovered, what is not said and personnel ies that say something about the general direction.

Despite the now eight-year governmental "Fight against right" and some millions of secure programs "Against the right wing" Could the NPD be satisfied: You did not harm that. Neonazis have no more serious competition in the ultra-right camp, which NPD is sitting in several lands, is an established regional party and the youngest of all parties in the new federal tags, the number of members has tripled under the chairman Udo Voigt.

The note of the brown with the money

Nevertheless, the neofachists are stuck in a crisis. Frank Golkowski, between 1992 and 1998 Chief of the NPD in Thuringen, was sentenced to a retirement penalty two years ago from the district court Erfurt for tax evasion in more than a hundred. He had also ied folded donation receipts to enrich himself personal. The party got state financial creation. Two years ago, the Bundestag administration demanded 870.000 Euro back. The party was only able to raise the sum because their donors on the rejection or loans to date.

In February 2008 Erwin Kemna was arrested, the federal treasurer and business administration of the partisseous publisher German voice. Kemna had been legally successfully resisted against the assertion set up, among other things, in the Tagesspiegel, he is a spy of catching protection. However, in the case of money he had to delete the sails – the NPD functionar should, according to the prosecutor, more than 600.000 Euro for his own small kitchen studio in Lengerich have branched off. After a year of investigation, the North Rhine-Westfalische Landeskriminalamt saw the premieges as a bargain, the prosecutor suspects escape and darkening danger. The party headquarters of the NPD was also searched.

Kemna was indirectly prasent during the entire party congress. It is clear that the NPD does not seem to handle its non-revival finances that effective control does not exist and the opaque financial incentive invites you to enrich yourself privately. The more amazing that the party chairman Voigt in his accounting report behind Kemna, even the responsibility for the disaster wanted to take over.

The upswing of the NPD goods without Erwin Kemna so not possible. We had neither the publishing building for our German voice in Riesa, nor the building of the party headquarters in Berlin can buy or can lead to the election campaign in 1998 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern so that after decades, we returned to the one-percent mark and thus in party financing came.

Udo Voigt

That suggests that Voigt must have been guiled by the machinations at least something or to accept it appropriately. Voigts party-internal adversary therefore got up in advance upper water; Especially Jurgen Rieger, Lawyer in the Double Sense of the Word, Grundstuckspekulant, Holocaust denier and Neonazi as out of the textbook, as well as Udo Pastors, Landtagsigne of the NPD in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, demanded the delegated details of the financial transactions. However, it can be amed that the public dispute between Rieger and Pastors was largely a meal of Wahler’s votes, because an official request of the NPD district association Unna, who defended the lack of information by the Executive Board complained and declared, had been recovered.

Integration of "Autonomous nationalists"

No wonder that Voigt supported his sharpest critic Rieger in his successful candidacy to the Deputy Party Chairman: The Neonazi lawyer has represented the party in the procedures for the unjustified state funds and ensured that money was floss. The Management Board of the NPD goods according to Voigt without Riegers Legal assistance have been helpless

As a result, the regular service could be resumed, a minimum of propaganda material provided to be available and our party newspaper German voice could be further published. (…) Rieger has donated its legal fees of the party.

Udo Voigt

With a deputy chairman Rieger also the so-called "Autonomous nationalists" Continue integrated into the NPD. Rieger had never had problems to act with the boot fascists in close scarf feeling. By contrast, Voigt dissanced from the "new phenomena": "Saybander with English texts", a "unused appearance", "Foreign symbols and projections" and the "Concentrated communist fist". The NPD thirst does not "Action forms of the Antifa" take over. But that’s exactly this Mimikri (the teachings from the Krawallen in Hamburg) is the only concept of neonazis, in the old federal stations at least at short notice "the actionist youth" and at "Battle for the strain" to achieve.

The fact that the NPD will continue towards Militanz and wants to build a kind of new SA in the long term also shows an application of the Regional Association Bobleing-Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg, which was decided by the Congress:

Each Landessverband MUB named a regulatory service officer who participates in nationwide OD training and is available to the Federal OD in events and built up a missionary folder service in the state association.

Decided request

The leadership of the NPD was officially traversed by Udo Voigt most of course to distance itself from violence. Every woman that is just tactics. The burrwiking between real militancy and competent peacefulness has a high risk: a ban could not threaten the neo-Nazis if they spread openly long-term slogans, but only if they "Aggressive-chunky", So not just do words. But you are currently missing the potential. But that can change.

Election researchers agree: the large amount of intersection has the NPD with the "Left". This is certainly only for populist slogans. Voigt complained in his accountability report: "We will put everything back to bring back the confidence of the Wahler, which have the last elections through the propaganda of the Left Party." In other words: Oskar Lafontaine has removed the Neonazi’s social question that these meant to face in the new federal stations in their sense.

A militant neo-Nazi politics with appreciable regional anchoring only in some new federal tags This is the big problem of organized neo-Nazis. The German ultra-rights have not succeeded in opening themselves for other electoral layers as their actual clientele, the brown ground set with racist and anti-Semitic prejudice, which has been around 10 percent of the Wahler for three decades. With the newly chosen party board that will not change – completely on the contrary. Italy shows that it is different, where the Movimento Sociale Italiano split into a legal part and into an orthodox fascist sect. The latter is meaningless, the former rules with. Of these, the NPD – to Gluck – only traumas.

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