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At the Kabinettslausur of Meseberg in August, access to the labor market was also a topic. In addition to the abolition of priority conveyation (below more) for certain engineers from the ten Eastern European EU states, it was also relevant for all foreigners who have completed a degree at a German university. In the first messages it bothered that they can work without priority three years in their profession.

Now, the draft Labor Ministry of the Ministry of Labor – and of three years is no longer the speech. Anyone who acquires a degree at a German university can independently of state-owned publicity (D.H. The regulations apply equally notices for non-EU burger!) absorb a procurement that meets its training.

The priority

This is a change to be unemployed. Because so far this was theoretically possible, but practical was only the so-called priority conveyation. It should guarantee that no "privileged employee" (D.H. German, inferior to another EU-15 state or other owner of a work permit) is available for space. The employer must prove his efforts to find a privileged worker, and the Federal Agency can also propose self-propelled candidates who may only be able to back up to the employer if he can lead to the objective reason for the field.

The procedure may be useful in the area of low-skilled unemployed, but with the highly qualified it was never. For if an applicant got a place, so namely more of jars and its satisfaction (or. that of the employer) as of his qualification.

Suppose a small software company wanted to make a Mongolian mathematics graduates: was the chef smart enough, he wrote "1. Java, C ++, 2. Monglical language skills (flebing) "in the job description, and the performance of the employment agency, in favor of advancing foreigners were able to contribute to a very transparent group of people. Was the student / graduate Findig enough, the boss may even explain how the game works.

In coarse companies, the matter was comparable. Although there may always be departments there, which are familiar with the procedure – but what it does not mean that this is known. Two anecdotes from the personal circle of acquaintances. A person already had a permanent commitment for a job with a DAX company and said the head of the department, one must just take the priority testing ceremony behind him. He said he had never done such a thing and did not know who was aware of those in the Group. A few days later came the written cancellation. Other DAX company: A foreign work student had spotted his 90 days, the head of department wanted to attend him. The student explains him, that does not go. The head of the department laughs and says that with the priority program is routine, and there are people in the group, which are just about lying. The deflection was not a problem.

In the previous model, therefore, the graduates were held in the country, which were either self-experienced enough in the History Clear War or had the Gluck to get to Clever Adcher. Anyone who did not know about these opportunities, revealed himself in the wrong companies or wrote paperwork, returned to the home country, or wawed out in Lander, who put highly qualified applicants less stones in their way.

The new regulation also finishes the grotesque situation that z. B. A Singaporean student in Germany compared to home to a fraction of students pays, but he had only difficulties to pay for this as a simple German taxpayer. Conversely, a German, which has studied for little or no money in Germany, was taken with hand kiss in Singapore.

Practical information about the new regulation

First, she will be on 1. Come into force in force. Aligners who are currently working on their degree and on jobs with work start after the 1. Want to apply November, this is already with reference to the elimination of priority, as the law is not subject to approval and therefore will come with relatively gross safety on this date.

Second, the elimination of the priority program is valid for "each of its training appropriate procurement". That may be unproblematic for engineers, doctors or other bread professions. But the unemployed Guatemalan sociology graduate could cause trouble if he wants to accept a job in the same taxi company as his German ex-fellow students and explains that this is the appropriate service. Since there is no detailed provisions, it is unclear how this is handled exactly. In the case of humanist studies without a clear vocational image, therefore, there could be difficulties if the official is not clear that these are conventional occupations for such graduates (such as PR agencies of spiritual scientists of all disciplines are occupied without the need for a direct relationship between study content and Gives activity).

Third, foreign university graduates have already since the immigration law (so since 1.1.2005) The possibility to remain a further year in Germany for the search of a job. So there is enough time for the job search.

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