Former gdr burger should pay for enjoyment of westfilmas

Federal Government wants to raise back-acting campaigns received in the GDR by west television

According to the planning of the Federal Government, the Burgers of the former GDR are to be asked for the consumption of cinema movies to checkout, which were broadcast from West TV before 1990. From political reasons, the GEZ was not possible at that time to effectively collect bonds on the territory of the GDR. Since now the MDR and the RBB had built up effective GEZ structures in the accession area, it is now time to reduce the accumulated cheeks. Although the western public broadcasting houses for their productions are considered by a subsequent burden, as radiation in the east has expressed the political will and thus the program application. However, a compensation of the private film industry claim is only for the broadcast in West Germany.

The GDR burgers who receive west television and have looked for free movies for free, must now reckon with a wave of recoveries. Whoever turned his antenna against the west and had been owned by radio receiving apparatus, have made themselves payable, so the joint paper of CDU and FDP. Corresponding assesses should provide a corresponding evaluation of the database of the Federal Representative for the documents of the State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic (BSTU). There, the antenna position was collected over decades. The obligation to pay is also for the frequent trap in which FDJ functionaries are self-accustomed the so-called "Oxhead antennas" had turned back to their Mischburger. As with the conventional GEZ suspension, it rose to draw and consisted of trading obligations in private households that a restriction similarly as the defect of a broadcasting reception apparatus can be resolved again at any time.

Former GDR burger should pay for enjoyment of Westfilmas

About the range of the ARD in the GDR. Graphic: Fritz Meier. License: CC-BY-SA-2.0-de.

The lobby organization of the film industry GVU welcomed the initiative, which may be hard in individual cases, but fair. The German Lawyer criticized that the subsequent survey should be done according to the current planning over the GEZ. The eligibility of the film industry is a private law. The lawyer has sufficient such as experienced specialists who could do the subsequent collection more flexible and without burden of public cash registers. The smaller coalition partner FDP excluded this position. Here are original interests of the market that are not false thirst.

Possible expansion on private copies

The CSU, however, take the proposals of the sister party and the FDP not far enough. Thus, the CDU paper is considered, which many of the West feature films received in the GDR have also been cut in addition to video recorders, although there were no charges according to § 54 ff Urhg in the GDR for copies and appropriate devices. Corresponding records are therefore to be considered as black copies. This perspective closed the Public Prosecutor's Office Dresden, which received all the time users of illegal streaming offers and was already in conversation as for the formation of a new center of priority. Conflicts of interest you did not edit, since Dresden due to the geologically due to weak reception in the so-called "Valley of the Unaware" located.

Opposition parties critical

However, the current government plans decided to meet the Left Party. It is another way to try to delegitate the GDR politically. The consumption of the West films had been invested unsolicited. Just as well, you can feed the ARD program on the Internet and make PCs forcibly subject to admirable, which is probably a man. If necessary, you will raise con length.

The SPD took a mediating position in contrast, but only wants to agree to a social contract model, which also involves the early Westburger at least symbolically. It was a political will to share the East Germans in them inadmissible feature films and to give them the prediction of the freedom of the West. However, it should be undergraded to limit the interest rate of the accumulated prere rack by law. The speakers of Bundnis90 / Diegrunen supported the concern of the Federal Government and referred mainly to the authors who are not forgotten. Instead of individual follow-up, however, you favor a regional "Supplement East" On a general cultural flatrate.

Representatives of the Pirate Party were currently not available for an opinion, as the party tip is the weekend on a seminar on the noise.

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