Corona: majority against trump’s handling of the crisis

Corona: Majority against Trump's handling of the crisis

US prasident remains: fewer tests "no joke"; The number of new infections achieve records in some states. Survey shows ahead of Joe Biden

Trump has to stretch further, he is in the middle of a catch-up hunt. His competitor biders is far from the electoral. 50 percent were voted for him, opposite 36 percent, which want to vote for the counter owner. The Survey of the New York Times is up to date, she has been performed last week, 1.337 Registered Wahler participated.

But the economy

That more young welfare, blacks who have been deciding with the high school graduates and also the women’s majority of the democratic candidate, and the counterpart is roughly killed, to gain under these new mussels, is not surprise. But the economy! There are trump’s opportunities. In this field, he trusts 50 percent of respondents more than bidents. With him, the consents to the topic of economy achieve only 45 percent.

"If the election campaign in autumn has been for a coordination of it, which candidate is better rushed to create a prosperous economy after the pandemic, then", so the New York newspaper, "This was able to reopen this Trump the possibility to advance his cause."

The difficulty that stands in front of the trump is that his handling of the pandemic is rather skeptically assessed to formulate it careful. Almost three fiveftels of the welfare surveyed are with his handling of the Corona virus pandemic "disagreeing", has determined the survey. Even the majority of sift of wife and the manner was disapprovable Trump’s Corona Management – and also his intention to open the economy quickly again, even if more people are exposed to a coarse infectance risk, was rejected by the majority.

With a distance of 21 percentage points of other statements, the respondents said that the US government should give primarily the spread of the Corona virus in barriers, even if this is a pity, it is in the NYT report on the survey.

"The virus does not disappear"

Also, the infection numbers speak against the loosening absets Trumps. They rise strongly in Texas, where according to Governor Greg Abbott also the hospitalization rate is on an all-time high. In Oklahoma new daily recards are reported. From Florida thousands of new traps were reported at the beginning of the week, almost 3.000 Newly known falls on Sunday alone. A local station in Orlando speaks of a trend that has been astell for weeks. Currently you pay in Florida over 100.000 infected since Marz.

In Arizona, the resists reported on Tuesday of 3.500 newly known infections with SARS COV-2 and Young 42 death traps related to Covid 19. The total number of infected yesterday was just about 58.000 exceed, 1.384 dead are reported in connection with a Covid-19-disease.

The increase in daily new infections in Arizona is 97.8 percent, Texas 92.2 percent and in Florida over 84 percent, the World Socialist website expects. Different data will be given as a comparison of comparison, for example or the previous one "Level", so that it is not excluded that a meticulous checking of the increase rates could probably come out slightly less dramatic percentages. To win the socialist website is not interested in showing Trump in a flattering number picture.

The trend of infections, however, who speaks against Trump, is also called how mentioned, supported by. The electoral champion himself tries to make the numbers as good as possible campaign. He spoke in his hall campaign comeback in Tulsa Dafur to tackle it with the test slower. This gave his reason to new ridicule, confirmed the opinion of those who, above all, to see an elitent Egomanian in him and leading to openly enchanted contradiction in the ranks of his government.

"We will carry out more tests", said the government consultant Anthony Fauci, a virologist with reference to the tarpaulin of the author Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director (CDC). Fauci also talked about a congress committee that it has one "clear increase in infections" Give and the virus not just disappear.

"No joke"

The image worker in the woman’s house sought the gap between experts and the statement of the prasident by challenging that they mean the remark trumps as not really serious. The prasident corrected his press spokesman: he did not joke. "With more tests we have more trap." Covid-19 tests are one "double-edged sword".

According to WorldInfemometers, the US with the total number of 29 million tests worldwide performed most tests and have 2, 4 million also infected the highest number. If you look at how many tests per million are carried out per million country dwellers, so become 89 for the USA.348 indicated, for Russia, where you pay significantly less infected (just over 600.00), become 122.000 tests per 1 million inhabitants stated. Even with other numbers, it shows that the handling of the pandemic in Russia is more successful.

Alone alone let Trump’s wobble wobble that suggests that the "Corona spooky" was disappeared, if you do not look so exactly. Incidentally, the number shows "Test per 1 million inhabitants" Also, that Germany is not so test pleasure, as likes to be claimed. With just over 60.000/1 million is Germany behind Great Britain, Russia, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the USA.

With the argument "Less tests, less bad numbers" If Trump is not far from the critical public, but that was not so much stewed him, in his election results in his audience he puts on his personal effect, the same "framed" is that they lives from advice to the fracture, including statements from his administration.

This also lies the other, not low to its chance of his election campaign, which does not really have the New York Times survey report on the list: that Trump leads to his election campaign over personality, over a deprivation campaign against bidents.

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