Amri: what’s the federal criminal police office?

Amri: What's the Federal Criminal Police Office?

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The safety associations accumulate the examination outlook – secretive for inspiration accomplices

What wife the Federal Criminal Police Office on the background of the truck attack from the bondsplatz in Berlin, the on 19. December 2016 two people fell victim? For the first time, the AMRI examination committee of the House of Representatives had invited an investigator of the federal federal federal federal federal federal federal doctors as witnesses. His interrogation has in the eyes of the committee chairman Burkard Dregger (CDU), however "no knowledge" provided. Different committee members looked at the press of the press on the edge of the last committee meeting.

"No knowledge" – But you can also interpret that differently, because it became visible that the BKA more woman than it is pricing. It therefore has "No new findings" given the committee member Hakan Tas (Linke), because the witness only a franked statement. So the question is more about what insights it is, the parliaments and public?

For example, insights over the alleged accomplice Amris, Bilel Ben Ammar, and the police handling of both. He is almost mirror image. For the Green Members Benedikt Lux it has to "More insights over Ben Ammar" give when you learn.

The fields on which needs to be searched will be more.

Months ago, the federal doctors BKA still tried to prevent their officials from the committee of a state parliament can be heard as a witness. The game, with which the examination experiences are to be braked, is known – but not necessarily lawyer and above all politically difficult to explain. Now two BKA witnesses had to appear before the deputies of the Berlin Parliament.

Committee threw two BKA representatives from the meeting

First, however, the committee threw two BKA representatives who wanted to attend as observers of the survey from the public session. In Berlin’s examination experiences, representatives of the executive have no right to attendance. In other federal tags, such as Baden-Wurttemberg, volunteer government officials voluntarily allow to be able to participate in internal consulting and non-public meetings.

The two Tunisian Anis Amri and Bilel Ben Ammar now appear like a double head. Amri was from the Landeskriminal Office (LKA) North Rhine-Westphalia under the preliminary investigation "Ventum" Against several persons around the preacher Abu Walaa, which are accused of the ISLamic State) as a contact person and "Messaging" guided.

But in June 2016, Amri was taken out of the procedure, even because he became suspicious himself. He was in one "other commission" shifted, such a LKA representative from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in February before the Committee in Berlin. What it is with this "another commission" Had, however, we did not know so.

Now the BKA man reported Criminal Hauptkommissar "Mr. S." About Ben Ammar comparable. In the preliminary investigation of the BKA with the strange name "Icebear" Against three Tunisian suspects, Ben Ammar was also considered "Messaging" guided. Persons who have contact to suspect can be determined "Messaging" classified and without her knowledge of the police be accidentally. The three Tunisians were suspected to prepare state-hazardous connection.

Like Amri, Ben Ammar then became a contact person from the procedure "Icebear" taken out and a separate preliminary investigation disffected against him, because he allegedly himself "slightly planned" have. However, this procedure should not be operated by the BKA, but by the Landeskriminal Office (LKA) Berlin, but again in June 2016. Content previously unknown.

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