Your Essential Guide To Studio Apartments Singapore 2020

Your Essential Guide To Studio Apartments Singapore 2020

Fun fact: Did you know that almost 80% of males and 65% of females aged 25-29 years old are single in Singapore? These percentages halve by the time people reach 34. This is why the idea of renting or buying a studio apartment in Singapore will have crossed some of our minds.

There may come a time when we wish to experience what its like living independently. By doing so, we get to decide on the furniture we want, or the design style we have envisioned for our apartment. Thus, it is important that you pick an apartment to your liking.

We’ll compare studios to one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments to figure out all their benefits. Well also let you in on the best websites in Singapore that rent or retail these apartments. Besides, you’ll also learn a lot of tips and tricks to choose the best type of dwelling for your needs.

What Is A Studio Apartment?

Studio apartments are compact one-room dwellings. Unlike one-bedroom apartments, studio apartments have your bedroom, kitchen, and living room in the same room. The bathroom is separate, though, and you can even find some studio apartments with intimate balconies.

Studio apartments have different sizes between 19 and 34 m², much like a lot of one-room or two-room apartments. However, studio apartments look more minimalistic and have a unique set of advantages.

Studio apartments are fit for those who wish to live independetly. However, they are also comfortable enough for couples or friends who wish to stay together. By co-sharing the apartment with someone, youll also get to save up on rent!

Studio Apartments’ Prices In Singapore

Some of us might have considered renting a bedroom in a shared HDB flat. These will be much cheaper compared to renting an entire an entire studio apartment. Think about 50% in savings.

However, the issue with renting a room in a shared HDB flat is that you do not get as much privacy since youll be sharing the flat with a few other people.

This is why many choose to pay more and live in a studio apartment instead. If youll be sharing the studio apartment with someone, youll also get to save more on rent.

Renting a studio apartment will generally set you back by about $1,500 $4,000 per month depending on a few factors. This price is influenced by the apartment’s location, area, unique amenities, and how new it is.

To put things into perspective, heres a list of areas in Singapore and how much youll have to pay monthly to rent a studio apartment:

  • Orchard: $4,000 / month
  • Buona Vista / West Coast: $3,000
  • Farrer Park / Little India: $2,800 / month
  • Woodlands: $1,500 / month

Heres a list of studio apartments in Singapore (1 bed, 1 bath) and how much youll have to pay to purchase a studio apartment:

  • Royce Residences (Geylang): $499,000
  • Kovan Grandeur (Kovan): $500,000
  • Parc Rosewood (Woodlands) : $520,000
  • The Ebony (Kembangan): $550,000
  • The Nautical (Sembawang): $550,000

Buying or renting your own studio apartment is also a good idea because most apartments cost between $600,000 and $3,500,000. We all know how expensive property prices are in Singapore. Thus, renting a studio apartment is a feasible solution for those who wish to live independently.

Moreover, you can also rent or sell the apartment once youve started your own family.

5 Benefits Of Living In Studio Apartments

Before making up your mind, let’s see why getting a studio apartment is a better choice than a one-room or two-room apartment.

1. Minimalistic Design

Studio apartments have a minimalistic design so that you can’t hoard useless things. Like what Marie Kondo preaches, Does this spark joy?” If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it that “don’t spark joy.” As such, you will:

  • Live in an airy, welcoming, and relaxing apartment
  • Entertain guests more easily
  • Be able to move out easily when you decide it’s time for an upgrade
  • Be safe because a clutter-free environment reduces your risk of falling and getting injured

2. Easy To Clean

Whether you’re in your prime or your golden years, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to clean your studio apartment. Even if your studio has the same area as a one-room apartment, it features fewer corners. As aforementioned, you’ll not be as tempted to clutter your apartment.

3. Affordable Cost

You won’t need to fork out as much money to get a studio apartment as compared to a one or two-room apartment. This is considering that they are in the same area and have the same amenities. Sure, you can find $400,000 two-room apartments in Singapore, but the quality of the apartment might be compromised.

The reasons why studio apartments cost less are their small footprints and reduces expenses with utilities and outfitting. This is due to the fact that your living room, bedroom, and kitchen are all located in one big room, you have fewer walls and fewer corners. Therefore:

  • You’ll follow the laws of minimalism subconsciously and avoid cluttering your home with lots of furniture.
  • You won’t need to push your air-con to the max to cool all your rooms.
  • You can have fewer lights on.

4. Best For Entertaining

Studio apartments are ideal for entertaining people because they’re easy to clean, they look well, and they make it almost impossible for people to form groups and hide in different rooms.

Besides, a 25 m² studio features more space for social gatherings than a 25 m² one-bedroom apartment because the bedroom isn’t separate.

5. Top Locations In Singapore

A lot of studio apartments on the island feature convenient locations for all age groups. Most studios are near the MRT and supermarkets, which means you have quick access to shops and public transport.

When you compare the prices of studio apartments with the prices of one or two-bedroom apartments, you’ll notice that studios cost less per square meter even if they’re in a prime area.

Best Rental / Property Websites For Studio Apartments In Singapore

If you’ve decided to rent or buy a studio apartment, heres where you can start looking for one. You need to choose the best rental/ property website first to ensure that you’ll get an apartment that’s right for your needs.

We compared five property websites in Singapore, analyzing their pros, cons, and their unique selling points. That way, you can make the best decision.

1. PropertyGuru: Best For Long-Term Investments

Property Guru will help you choose more than a home; your studio apartment will be the best investment if you plan to resell or rent it in the future.

Here’s how Property Guru can help:

  • The website features a lot of spaces, whether residential or commercial.
  • All the details on these properties are updated regularly.
  • You can find new apartment launches in a separate section.
  • You have free access to quality resources on real estate so that you can educate yourself on how to best invest into property.

2. Best For Busy People is the best choice for busy people because it’s user-friendly and it helps you find good apartments via their intuitive app. Besides, is also jam-packed with useful listings updated regularly.

However, their sorting algorithms are top-notch and that’s what sets apart from other similar websites. The app is expertly crafted by a team of engineers, data scientists, people who work in customer service, and property agents.

As such, the app and the map-based search are easy to use and helpful. You’ll be able to find the best studios for your needs in locations that interest you quickly. Most importantly, you won’t be spammed with irrelevant notifications.

3. RentInSingapore: BestFor Practical People

All the websites in this review are user-friendly, but RentInSingapore distinguishes itself by its competitors through user-friendly options such as:

  • The listings on this website cover the entire spectrum of needs, preferences, and budgets.
  • All the apartments feature real-time updated details so that you can compare your choices accurately.
  • You can find very affordable options.
  • The RentInSingapore website is popular for its easy navigation so that even tech-challenged people can find what they’re looking for quickly.
  • If you don’t seem to manage on their website, you can count on the friendly customer support staff.

4. STProperty: Best If You Want More Answers

Buying or renting your own studio apartment is a big decision. Thus, youll want the time to carefully consider your options. Being bombarded by plenty of property websites might make it tougher to come to an informed decision. If you’re overwhelmed by the wide array of choices and features, STProperty will help because:

  • You can browse different options of residences and commercial buildings, which you can find conveniently placed in intuitive categories.
  • If you haven’t made up your mind, you can also look at apartment listings overseas courtesy of STProperty.
  • You can access all the STProperty resources that help you figure out the best type of dwelling for your needs. These resources will also help you make wise investments because you’ll understand more about the current real-estate legislation and market trends.
  • You can use their helpful inquire function to post a question that will be answered promptly by an expert representative.

5. iProperty: Best Affordable And Informative Website

iProperty is your best bet if you want to find an affordable studio apartment in Singapore because most dwellings featured on iProperty are value-for-money. As such, iProperty is a good choice for young professionals, elderly people, as well as people who travel a lot.

The iProperty apartments have basic amenities, but they’re neat and cosy. You can buy a long-term studio from them, although most people who use iProperty get short or medium-term studios.

Another advantage to iProperty is their namesake TV station where you can get more details on the real estate market in Singapore. This useful information will help you make better long-term investments.

Tips To Getting The Best Studio Apartment In Singapore

After all thats said, here are some extra tricks to ensure that you get a studio apartment that is best suited to your needs :

  1. Contact a property agent: Agents are experts in figuring out what apartments suit you. Besides, a good agent will help with all the negotiations. You can let them know your needs and preferences and they will be able to find a studio apartment tailored to you.
  2. Use the app instead of browsing online: These property websites have useful apps that send you personalised notifications. Browsing through all the listings by yourself is more time-consuming and it may confuse you. However, browsing through the app itself will ensure a more organized and efficient way for you to find your dream apartment.
  3. Ensure you get all the details: Online advertisements can’t fit in all the details, rules, and regulations. This is because they have to be catchy and succinct. However, if you don’t know all the rules of a certain apartment, you’re liable to penalties. Thus, if you’ve settled on an apartment, call customer service to give you all the details.
  4. Visit your apartment’s surroundings: Once you’ve narrowed down a list of five or six choices, visit all of them. That way, you’ll find out if you like your future neighbours. Or, if it is indeed a five minute walk to the MRT station. Take photos of everything that’s in the area so that you can compare all these locations better once you get home.
  5. Consider getting a loan: Whether youre looking at renting or buying a studio apartment, you’ll need to cover some advance payments. Hence, instead of tightening your belt too much, an affordable personal loan with comfortable interest rates will lighten your financial load.

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