Chara can be money at a distance of 16.000 kilometers still perceive

Already in November 1999, Chara (Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy) celebrated its premiere on Mount Wilson at Los Angeles as one of six planned telescopes on test purposes in the truest sense of the word for the first time saw the light of the world. If everything goes according to plan, all telescopes are connected in the spring forest year for the first time. Then astronomers can take a look at surfaces for the first time for the first time.

Bundertelescope Chara is done in spring 2002

Prof. McAlister

Science Fiction and Africa

Okorafor, NNEDI: Lagoon (Cover)

The continent is coarse, consists of a variety of countries, traditions, cultures and political systems – yet in Europe and North America “Africa” Almost as a magpond all-encompassing vocabulary.

In relation to the science fiction culture of interest here, Africa is an overview of the various ambitions scattered over the continent in this literature and film direction. Especially since the ideas of afrofuturism bear a significantly Pan-African train. The African SF culture coincides with the afrofuturism, which on the one hand is a political movement, on the other hand pop cultural asthetics.

Energia, the Russian company for space technology, wants to build its own Russian space station

Now, since it goes with the proof of me, and none of the desperately sought-after financial rescue programs have scored, yesterday, RSC Energia announced to build a new Russian space station. The company was in the Soviet time for the construction of the Sputniks or just responsible for me, which it has also operated since the beginning of last years together with the company Mircorp, which should be the aging space station for commercial applications. Most wanted to go to the borse (with the me of the borse), but then the final decision of the government and the Russian space worker came to abandon the station at the end of February on the Pacific.

Energia is also involved in the Russian part of the International Space Station, manufactures communication satellites or cooperates with Boeing (USA), Kvaerner (Norway) and NPO Yuzhnoye (Ukraine) at the start of coagracks of the sea. You probably only want to test the environment once by the envision, because in the notification of the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS on Wednesday, there is no speech of financing plans. No wonder, because from financing, was also decided to give me up to me, especially since the prere from abroad became more and more stronger, the commitments received as part of the structure of the International Space Station.

Corona panic only for unbelievers?

Image: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

According to the church, there should be no contagion of infectance at the sacrifice, government also adopts sharp occlusions

In the medial wind shadow of the escape lady drama on the Greek eastern border, there are excitement around the Corona virus, as in the world world,. On Saturday, the Sender Skai reported a lightning survey that was afraid of an escape crisis in Greeks, but only 42 percent were worried about the Corona virus. On Sunday evening, 73 cases were known.

As the agency for work was supported

Promise with the Loben to create pleasure workplaces in the field of advertising design, a Troisdorfer Kaufmann elicited the employment agency authorizations for so-called “Exercise measures”. For the entrepreneur a fine thing: his new workers did not cost him a cent.

Up to two months, the Federal Agency paid for work the unemployment benefit, so to speak as a wage replacement, as well as a travel allowance of 36 or. 40 cents per kilometer to the “Workers for the test”. In this way “procured” The company Prodemis in Troisdorf alone this year over Traft persons. For zero Euro. The case became known only now because former employees now informed the media. The reason – three of them received an employment contract beyond the trial period subsidized by the employment office, but no money. It also became known that the company was at least March 2004 in 2004 at the employment office – nowhere registered, neither in the commercial register nor at the state-of-the-art Gewerbeamt in Troisdorf. Nevertheless, the employment office mediated nationwide “Employee” for this “company”.

Iraq: Ahmed Tschalabi, former darling of the Pentagon, is dismantled

He was the “Oberpandenfuhrer”. As soon as the word of Puppet regime In Iraq fell, everyone knew who meant in particular: Ahmed Tschalabi, Government Councilor and Chairman of the Inc (Iraqi National Congress). Unpopular in Iraqi population Galabi was considered protege of the Pentagon. Until you love him on Thursday.

With the Iranian President Mohammed Khatami in December 2003