Notes of the former German Columbia astronauts Ulrich Walter to the shuttle crash and the consequences

Dr. Ulrich Walter (49) was the last German science astronaut together with his colleague Hans Schlegel, who with the on the 1. February stunned NASA spatial trip Columbia under the D2 mission (26.4.-6.5.1993) in the orbit. His flight, which vintage in April this year for the tenth time, the physicist is still in good memory. The more Walter is affected by the Columbia mischief. In an interview aubert the ex-astronaut, the from the 1. April Waser for Space Technology at the Technical University of Munchen will take to the Columbia catastrophe and the future prospects of manned space travel.

Your Columbia mission STS-55 is in April for the tenth time. Become a bottle of sparkling wine to the celebration of the day or let the whole review on a thoughtful way?

Why is the cerebral cortex in children rich parents thicker than in children of poor parents?

Underlying Bashing is En Vogue in Germany. Intelligence research on the other hand has a heavy stand. Many see it an ideology for justification of social inequality. But the society becomes really fairer if one simply does not take out genetic differences? Some suggests that exactly the opposite is the case.

The intelligence research frees up in Germany a suspicious existence. New insights come big parties from the Anglo-Sachsian countries. "Rich children have coarse brains" The online edition of the FAZ briefly posted a report on a recent study from the USA.

Lech Kaczynski from the right party law and justice (PIS) is new Polish prasident

Once again, the demoscopes belong to the losers. In all surveys, before the second round of the Polish prasident elections, the Liberal Conservative Donald Tusk was slightly in place in front of the National Conservative Lech Kaczynski. Others predicted a head on head race between the two candidates from the right party spectrum. But now Kaczynski has clearly won the elections with only 45.53 percent with 54.47 percent against Donald Tusk.

Lech Kaczynski

Present and future of crosslinked reason – Part 4

In the first part of these small article series it was about the will (the free will in the net) . Why this for the understanding of crosslinked reason, as we encounter them today, was important in the third part (reason of the community) has become visible: without will it does not make sense to speak of reason, reason is the tool, with which the will is looking for a path to his invention, especially when this path is not obvious and trivial.

In the second part of the series (is the network “extended mind”?) It was about which the reason of the individual is cross-linked from the head into the aus world and involved in the mind. This creates the crosslinked reason. In the modern world, this reason, driven by the logical-rational manner of the rationality, which passes through the victory train of natural sciences and technologies to predominance. Networks of people, so communities, parties, organizations and companies, will themselves become reasonable workers that explore their own will and develop their own reason and find ways to achieve their goals.

Alarm status in Spain required: Sanchez on a frugal soil

Image: ralf stretch

Once again, the Spanish head of government of Sanchez with the right Ciudadanos party is pierced and therefore sustainably impressed the left-hand supports that make a government formation

Two weeks ago, the Spanish Socialist Prime Minister built on the support of the right Ciudadanos Party (CS) to be able to extend the alarm condition. Again, he turned to the Neoliberal Party and confirmed what was already addressed at this point: that it is a strategic reorientation of the government and the right CS that will be widely located out of the alarm condition.

While generally the number of divorces decreases, the ages are always obter, a reason could be the growing life expectancy

In Germany, the Federal Statistical Office has set the statistical office in the short break that the marriages in front of a divorce hold a little more long, by an average of 14 years and 7 months ([link to 6/154713]). After a peak in 2003, the number of divorces have been slightly and continuously backed up, in 2012, 2012 by 4.5 percent in 2012.

In the Great Britain, the development is similar. There was the highest state of the divorces in 1996, 2003 there was again a peak, since spouses do not like to separate so much. May be that the crisis affects here, shelling are often a financial adventure.

The ghosts that called me: Luigi's Mansion 3

On the Nintendo Switch Luigi goes on ghost hunt for the third time, and the hotel is significantly gross than the Spukhauser in the first and second part.

The invitation to the luxury hotel was too true. Luigi, Mario, Peach and three toads are looking forward to a relaxing holiday that unfortunately expects them as little as at the time on the dream island in "Super Mario Sunshine". The evil is less surprising for the players than for the heroes at night and in the ghostly shape of Konig Buu Huu. The familiar opponent Luigis wants to banish friends for all times in Gemalden.

Only the fearful Luigi escapes the attack and takes heavy courage the fight with the spirits to free his friends. For Gluck is Professor I. Gidd not far: The inventor of the ghost vacuum Hear-u builds his portable laboratory in the underground car park of the hotel and supplies Luigi with information and usual objects.

Your Essential Guide To Studio Apartments Singapore 2020

Fun fact: Did you know that almost 80% of males and 65% of females aged 25-29 years old are single in Singapore? These percentages halve by the time people reach 34. This is why the idea of renting or buying a studio apartment in Singapore will have crossed some of our minds.

There may come a time when we wish to experience what its like living independently. By doing so, we get to decide on the furniture we want, or the design style we have envisioned for our apartment. Thus, it is important that you pick an apartment to your liking.

We’ll compare studios to one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments to figure out all their benefits. Well also let you in on the best websites in Singapore that rent or retail these apartments. Besides, you’ll also learn a lot of tips and tricks to choose the best type of dwelling for your needs.

Most of the laws are still missing and the security measures are low

In the Internet age, more and more people use the computer to make your opinion air. Whether the crash of the US espionage aircraft on China, the bombardement in Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq or the Palastina conflict, global political events are occasion “direct” and “personally” interlock. You send viruses into the virtual world, protested with DOS attacks, chops and crackes the computer’s supposed opponent. Occasionally, the political cooperates with the personal financial interest.

Many companies, however, usually give prestigegrunds to the damage suffered either or only partially. Many do not know how to calculate him at all precise. In the US, the This-year-old report of the Computer Security Institute and the FBIS based on data that could be collected at 530 companies. Overall, this report has a damage of around 202 million dollars, with almost a third of them, 66 million dollars, alone on the account of “DOS”-Attacks goes. What ultimately ultimately the total damage of all companies approached in the US “Cyberattacks” is, pure speculation remains: 2 billion, 20 billion, 200 billion?

Why Housing Market Bubbles Pop

Unlike the stock market where people understand and accept the risk that prices may fall from time to time—sometimes severely—many people who buy a house do not really think that the value of their home will ever decrease by all that much.

Indeed, historically, the housing market has not been affected by price bubbles when compared with other asset classes. That could be due in part to the large transaction costs associated with purchasing a home, not to mention the carrying costs of owning and maintaining a home—all of which discourage speculative behavior. However, housing markets do sometimes go through periods of irrational exuberance and see prices rise rapidly before falling back in line.

In this article, well discuss the causes of housing price bubbles, the triggers that make housing bubbles burst, and why home buyers should look to long-term averages when making critical housing decisions.