“Injunction” to free nawalny

Alexej nawalny. Photo: Evgeny Feldman / CC BY-SA 4.0

European Court of Justice for Human Rights goes from lifelike "Kremlin critic" the end. He himself fails in Russian imprisonment, according to Instagram post as in space-cinema film

During the European Court of Justice for Human Rights (ECTHR) in Strabburg, the immediate freezing of the in Russia imprisoned "Kremlin critic" Alexej Nawalny calls for this "all and even like in a movie over the space" feel. "With me, the command center communicates a spaceship", Cited on Wednesday several media word care on Nawalnys Instagram account. "A voice out of the wall says: ‘Three-zero two, make them ready for the sanitar system.’And I answer:’ Aha, okay, in ten minutes. I’m just drinking the tea.""

Nawalny, who in recent years as a lawyer, blogger and chairman of the right little party "Russia of the future" was convicted, was convicted at the beginning of February, two years and eight months imprisonment, because he should have violated preservation requirements, which are backed on a fraud procedure in 2014. However, at least at least, he could not fulfill the preservation requirements because he was treated medically after a poisonous stop in Germany.

The Russian authorities had approved his departure for this purpose in August. After their current reading, however, the edition was involved at the same time, he must report every two weeks at the Russian prison attacks.

In January, Nawalny was returning to Russia, although he was convinced according to their own statement against German media that the Prasident of the country wanted to leave him dead.

Two weeks after Nawalnys condemnation, the EGMR now remains one "injunction", with which the Russian government is asked to release it immediately. Thus, the Court followed according to own information to a motion of Nawalnys and apparently goes from acute danger to life for him: the decision was binding, strolling it. The nature and the abandonment of the suspected danger for Nawalny’s life were considered.

The spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Aufs, Maria Zakharova, sees a mixture into the inner affairs of the country and one "Salve against the VolkerRecht", their consequences of the court "just not discretion" kink. Russia should be pressed under prere. "They destroy the international legal framework that they themselves have not created", said Zakharova on Wednesday according to a report of the Russian news agency RIA Novosti. Modern international relations are exactly built on this basis.

The Russian Minister of Justice Konstantin Tschujtchenko at any rate sees "No legal basis" For a freezing nawalny, like the Ard-Tagesschau with reference to the news agency Interfax reported.

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