Adapted from panic and under self-control

The shell study describes the youth as optimistic and pragmatic, a different youth study describes them as “anxiously and monster”

How studies and above all interpretations can differ. After the shell study, most of the respondents are optimistic about 12-25-year-old adolescents if they do not come from difficult social ratios. They are ready for performance, ambitious and have the desire for a family, likely to live at home and prefer to think positively, but above all pragmatic (with pragmatism to the gluck).

Only last week another study was published, which paints another picture, even if there are many cutting edges. The Youth Study of the Market Research Institute Rheingold ames that young people perceive a lifeworld between 18 and 24 years “Through a tremendous fruitness and stable preres” marked. The youth faith, you can not rely on anything left and therefore “anxiously and monster”. This basic uncertainty, which is also the own family (divorces, single parents and unconditional father), leave the youth to one “Generation Biedermeier” become, although it first looks different, also pragmatic and ambitious:

They present very adult, controlled and reasonable. Despalent you want to find your own way. There are education, career and a hopefully good income high in the course. A rough episisis willingness, personal mobility and dutiful awareness are equally as guarantors of a successful or. Secured life viewed, like a wide competence spectrum. The lifelines of the young people are determined by clear and achievable goals.

As seen, overshoot, lightness, also utopian hope apparently not available. It is moving in the world as she is, and dreams, so this summarizes the study authors, of which “Central life goal …, to own a small house with garden or a condominium. Inhabited with their own families, the (both) children and the dog.” Instead of revolt, which wants to get out of something else, rule “Crash panic” and “desperate anger”, but often do not be directly exaggerated (possibly amokal, the suicide proposal of young people in the west, a symptom of that).

However, there are Ooper Eskapaden as teenagers, with 16 or 17 years, the young people were switched from the desperate anger to anxiety and episode and look for order. They were also matching casting shows that seems to be disciplined to discipline to make career or succeed. Actually, life as a young person today seems to have a lot of prere to take effect, unkempt colourism is hard to find, even exploring themselves or aimlessly wandering out, which are actually going to youth and to the “education” You can not take place:

Life should remain transformable and brought through accurate planning and organizing into a predictable structure. You want to know exactly what the new day brings and how he runs. Therefore, serials can enjoy television or the daily contact or information rituals on the Internet especially on Facebook most popular.

Allegedly ruled in the partnerships loyalty and reliability, at least as requirements. You already live marriage:

Often the relationship is determined by a loyalty license, which breaks out or foreigning the partner as an unforgivable betrayal brand. Even in the sexuality, self-control will never be given quite. The complete orgiastic dedication and self-run solution is the youthful suspice. It is also remained at the act in the role of the participating observer, which allows active control of the event. The concrete descriptions of their own sexuality therefore sometimes have the character of a controlled position war.

Is really described here the life reality of young people in Germany? It was almost the impression that the already a few old study authors could also pursue the purpose of gaining their situation by describing the senior generation of the trie’s next generation. Maybe the situation of youth is also made. However, there was still the desire of the revolt and experiment with life, the expectation that the other world is close to that the age generation leaves a crappy life. Despite 68, hippies or even armed struggle, this was usually a short eruption, if the refusal did not start the course in the institutions or in the lifeworld, and now was now with the great bourgeois. The next generation then already wrote itself No Future on the flags, the end of the Cold War was then the end of every social alternative to ruling capitalism. One could only put on the technology. Then came the 11.9. and the war against terrorism, which corresponded to the suicidal rage of religious. And instead of changing, there are only reforms and regulations. Revolution is already amazing today to continue running old atomic technology and selling this as a Brucke, because in front of the move back into the new.

It is no longer about a better future for humanity, but about the struggle of the respect for each bose to the defense or the juvenity. Under the patch is no longer a beach. From politics, no more visions came, the intellectuals also amed the juice. The philosophers maybe build bubbles, but they have no project anymore. And it is not interesting to speak permanently from the postmodern or the end of history. It also adapts to the gear and tries to easily survive. Why should the youth go different?

After the Rheingold study, the young people naturally do not know where the journey is going. They also do not know what they really want, but they should be ruined to protect themselves from possible uncertainties and therefore everything else, which could make the future or career safer:

Already at school, you will start a whole arsenal of (certified) skills, training and competencies: internships, foreign languages knowledge, foreign stays, additional qualifications are considered unauthorized tickets in a successful future. However, these competences are often very indiscriminately, mockless or schematic. Because the young people usually have no clear picture what to get from them. The selection of the important rusts does not springs from a flaming interest or love to the point, but a round-wire logic.

And because the social perspectives are missing, a kind of sarrazin perspective was prevalent. Who is down is to blame yourself. There are only winners and losers what CastingShows advocate. And because the losers are to blame, you can also kick them or you have to joint:

Overall, the young people have developed the picture of a two-class company from their experience. The world is clearly divided into Winner and Loser, in superstars and Hartz IV, in good and Bose. And in fact, the youth is divided into the powerful and irritable competence hamsterers and the failure, resigned or outlaws. They have given it up to actively contribute to the crash and can be dropped into the state securing network without a parachute.

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