The spa of the “enemy” by islam …

The spa of the'feindlichen ubernahme' durch den islam ...

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… In the backlapped art before the immigration of Catholics and Eastern European Jews in the USA

A bestseller makes furore. He warns of immigrants who came from Authoritar societies that include the fundamentalist religious collection and turn to women’s rights and birth control. Her belief is "A survival of a medieval authoritarianism". Give him "There is no room in a democratic environment". These immigrants do not integrate themselves – so the thesis of the bestseller – they want to set up parallel companies and intend to enforce their faith in the country in which they immigrate. You become the taxation of the immigration country "With your birth netball?".

The author of this bestseller is not Thilo Sarrazin, but Paul Blanshard. The title of the book is not "Hostile takeover. As Islam disabled progress and threatens society", so the title of the new book of Sarrazin, but "American Freedom and Catholic Power". The book did not appear in Germany in 2018, but in 1949 in the USA.

The religion that has been accused to pursue the hostile supposition of the country was not Islam, but Catholicism. Like Sarrazin, Blanshard is not a pioneer, but member of the establishment. Blanshard has u. a. Worked in the Foreign Office, as a prosecutor and as a senior editor of the magazine "The nation".

The fear of "surprise" yesterday and today

Blandshards Book was then published at that time a complete success. It stood eleven months on the bestseller list of New York Times. The first edition was in 240.000 copies sold. The band experienced 26 pads. It prints out the massive reservations against the Catholic immigrants V. a. From Ireland and Italy existed.

Not only in the US, but also in Canada, was widely used: the Italian is "Not the guy we are looking for in Canada. His standard of living, his way of life, yes even his culture seem so different that I doubt that he could ever become an asset in our country". This statement comes from Laval Fentier, the Canadian Government Commissioner for immigration from Ubersee.1

Already in the 1890s, the share of Catholics rose massively among the immigrants to the USA. Already in 1896 it struck, in this development it is about "One thing that can only consider an intelligent patriot with deep concern and disturbance. It is exhausted people from exhausted races that stand for the worst failure in existence." So Francis Walker, then Head of the Statistical Agency of the USA.2

Walker represented the thesis, "that the Catholics (and Jews) were overflowed with their high birth rates the American population, because the Americans born in the country had become self-influenced and morally too slowing to put enough children into the world" (Saunders, S. 175). A leading representative of the women’s rights movement in the US, Elizabeth Cady, formulates a position that is still popular today, if you only "Catholic" by "Muslim" replaced:

A foreigners and Catholics is not possible to record the biggest of the American idea of individual freedom rights. … the human mind blows up and forth between the extreme authority and individualism, and when the former – the Catholic idea – is anchored in the pots of humans, we are the American freedoms the Totenbell.

Elizabeth Cady

Not only the immigration of Catholics made in the US for afraid "surprise". Although it also behaved in the immigration of Eastern European Jews. Theodore A. Bingham was 1908 police chief of New York. In a contribution for the "North American Review" he sets up the thesis, the Jews became 25% of the population, but "The half of the criminals" place.

They are burglars, pickpockets and striving. … but the pickpocket is the area to which they almost tend from nature, although they are at home in all areas of crime.

Theodore A. Bingham

1916 did not blow a bestseller in the USA "Germany manages", but "The Passing of the Great Race" (The downfall of the gross breed). The writer did not blow Thilo Sarrazin, but Madison Grant. He wrote:

Man of the Old Stamme has been brought out of some land areas from these trenders, just as he is spelled by the blacks of Polish Jews by the Straht New Yorks.

Madison Grant

For right enemies of immigration it is called: "First we are tolerant, then strange in your own country." For Grant, it strolled: the "Guidance of the last love" and the "soft chillow" were together with the immigration to one "Race" to lead. In him, the worry of 1916 – the wins Christian Americans "Like the Athenians out of the age of pericle and the Vikings from the days rollos".3

Over the millions of displaced persons, from East Central Europe due to the 2. World War II came to Germany, the Sudschleswig’s writer wrote days Mortensen in his crochure published in 1946 "Hitler’s gaste": "Both racial and cultural and spiritual respects are the escape of ArtFremd in Sudschleswig. The large part form Ostproben of Slavic-Germanic Blood Mixture." Mortensen argued then like the enemies of today’s supposed "surprise".

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