The seven signs of terrorism

The occasionally grotesque to the terroria in the USA

Terrorism becomes a new threat. In the US and will be the fear of new killing since the 11.9. probably not only from more or less legitimate concern also held up artificially. Nobody wants to be responsible for a phalashe again, but the fear of the ominoses enemy seems to be needed. Unless there are concrete instructions, since the importation of the warning system we have continuously on increased risk ("elevated") set, the last village somewhere in the pampa must expect to become the goal of international terrorism. Exclusion on the warning scale was only upwards ("We are a nation at danger"To). Gradually, after billions of billions are invested in protection against terrorism and has been transformed with many more billions of Iraq into a brute of terrorism, the impression that with the growing safety – and after the careful turning off of the dangerous opponent saddam Hussein – at the same time the hysteria growth.

For those who are not surfing when surfing or do not want to forget the danger situation, Mozilla has.Org now created for the Firefox users the possibility of displaying the current status of the official dusis level (Icon at the bottom right of the browser). With one click you are then right at the home protection ministry.

Never had the inheritance of an American prasident been hedged as well as the re-elected George W. Bush in a kind of high security zone spoke of American freedom to be brought to the whole world. Of course, despite non-existent warnings from the many intelligence services and security authorizations there were still possible threats.

Thus, 13 Chinese, two Iraqis and a Hispanic with terrorist intentions of Mexico have been invaded to the USA. Supposedly they had planned to fly to Boston to give an attack with a "dirty" Bomb Supply ("Boston Threat"To). Notes came from one "unknown" Informants, but were "not confirmed", Media, FBI and politicians came into turmoil, the FBI reported to work "aggressive". But it was also emphasized that thousands of such traces are examined and that this information is only somehow to the media, therefore the excitement about one "Incorporating information".

From the video "The seven signs of terrorism"

The Governor of Massachusetts drove straight back from Washington and did not participate in the inauguration celebration. Security measures were taken, the names and some pictures of suspicious of FBI with the request released. On the 25th. First, it was concluded by the FBI all-clear, the terror threat is not believed. In the wanted, it was apparently about people who probably received illegally about the border to the US and disputed with the human smuggling glides, which then wanted to throw themselves. Thinking out is still that the "FBI, the home protection ministry and all intelligence services and security authorities" Track every warning, even if the sources of information are dubious in nature: "Only by doing so, we can hope to prevent terrorist attack before being executed."

There is a permanent threat noise in the background (Alert USA, National Terror ages or terror-warning). This is strengthened by the fact that the Objects call the population to report every suspicious and suspicious ("Eyes and ears of America’s Trucker Army", But certainly too, because they are as secret services or the home protection ministry must legitimize their existence and have the big fear in front of something to look something. And if then with almost biblical symbolism of the "Seven signs of terrorism" It is warned as before the seven years of death or the seven plagues, then you do not have to be surprised on the noise. Hanging businesses, of course, attached to the panic. For example, it is called for a course offered in February:

Everyday American Citizens – People Like You – Have The Power To Prevent The Next Terror Attack. It Doesn’t Require A Great Deal of Time Or Money. IT Does Require A Sense of Civic Responsibility and Patriotism. The Keys Are:

Training – Awareness – Prevention

the "seven characters" have been circulated last year, for example, when the schools after the hostage of Beslan warned that maybe even in the US (terror warning of US schools). Similar characters have already been listed by the FBI and Heimatminium: FBI and home protection ministry give instructions for the reporting of evident. Must be taken care of people who look at something exactly, make photos, use telescopes, record something or make notes. Who asks for information, even if this happens over the phone, fax or email, is potentially as well as a person who tests or stolids materials such as explosives, uniforms, weapons, ID cards, flight statements or staligns.

It can be very dangerable if people go into position or turn on something to take off a stop. Terrorists were able to play the plan even before the stop itself to test him. And everyone is everyone who is not "held here" – "to the workplace, in the business, in the district or elsewhere".

The seven signs of terrorism

To get enough attention to the "seven characters" to create, the Michigan State Police made a video that they are now distributed. There, the police chief is urged to speak to the people and the "seven characters" are led vividly in short scenes. Of course, there is always the attentive burger, who recognizes the signs and calls the police, which is then self-reliably equal to the spot and prevents the worst. For example, the suspicious, which sits on a park bench and pushes a bridge with the telescope. The scene is gorgeous, in which one "Suspicious person out of place", Short and grippy "Do not Belong" Called, recognized by the watchful and patriotic senior who is just in a breastfeeding strain returning the burger. This "Do not Belong" Sits in a parked car and has a black hood overlooked. Quickly the senior takes his cell phone out … And once again, a terrorist attack is prevents praventively.

The video was first sent to policemen and Schuler. Since it has arrived everywhere, the author now hopes to get funds from the home protection ministry funds to scatter even more copies under people. Sergeant Kevin Mark points out the international validity of these seven characters:

The intelligence of the Luftwaffe has observed these signs that led to terrorism as the attack in Saudi Arabia, who directed himself against the Air Force Personal in the Khobar Towers.

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