The beginning of a wonderful us syria policy?

The beginning of a wonderful US Syria policy?

Refueling insert in front of an air raid in Syria. Image: US AirForce / Common-free

As coarse election lanters, the neocons are called. Is the time of "Bosen deeds" The interventionist with the wondering of Trump over?

The output of the US election is added to some gladness. As a rough loser, commentators in the Twitter room are called the neocons, "Saudi barbaria" and the jihadists, aka the "Rebel", in Syria. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwide, as well as Morocco and Algeria had sunk in vain millions in the Clinton Foundation, writes Angry Arab, Asad Abu Khalil.

Abu Khalil is an anti-Zionist. That the right Likud camp and the settler movement in Israel promise a new ARA from the election victory Trumps – the end of the two-state solution and more settlements – shows the range of hopes associated with the next prasident.

Discharification and relief over "no" to Clinton

The choice of Trumps was above all a NO to Clinton, from the critics escalating the crises and wars in the Middle East, a Neocon agenda. Accordingly disappointed, the reactions of Middle East party events for Militarian interference fell out in Syria. Exemplary is illustrated by Charles Lister, the Trump draws as an irresponsible demagogue.

Lister, who has very good connections in Washington Politics Establishment, fears nothing more than an adoption between the US and Russia. That’s exactly the hope of those who promise from Trump a less more aggressive policy in Syria.

Some observers see it as a sign of Russian and Syrian side that the attacks were shut down on Aleppo before the election. Headlines on civilian victims in Aleppo had helped the candidate Clinton. An indirect election campaign therefore?

Unlikely is not that the effect was allowed to be minimal. Because the Syria policy was not a train number of the election campaign, the fight against the is already. Here satisfied words of the candidate Trump, who entered more common ground between the US and Russia during the procedure against the IS, surveys confirmed that he was with the electors on the right line.

"America First"

As far as the original Syria policy of the Government of Trumps is concerned, all comments on a dark ground, including the amption that Nocons, the Gulf States will not play a rough role in US Middle East policy. Trump is a blank sheet. His statements in the election campaign indicated orientation lines, but not that he is particularly well informed about the conditions. That makes him depending on consultants.

"America First" is its coarse, ideal orientation, the interests of the USA have priority. What is the case when the diplomatic and functional apparatus is clarified in the State Department, where the US interests are in concrete situations when the covenization with Saudi Arabia or Qatar is thrown into the scales? When it comes to Al-Nusra in Syria, when the Russian and Syrian government reinforced their fight against Jihadists?

In the election campaign, Trump had statements from his team, which contradicted his exercises to Syria or Russia, pushed to the side and made clear his science. Approximately as his art vice-prassident Mike Pence von Russian provocations spoke, "which had to be answered with American strong", or from "Barbaric attacks on Aleppo".

First references to consultants

Whether he acts in office? There is no list of the leadership personnel for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense. Commentators are largely based on the consultants who had brought Trump into his campaign team.

Jack Kingston, which is a lobbyist of the Syrian opposition composed by Saudi Arabia. Walid Phares, a Fox-News commentator who criticized the Government Obama Dafur, who did not interveniently intervened the Government Obama Dafur in Syria and had not driven up the regime change.

Promise and continuity

Trump did not know the views of his advisors. Kunftig he will have to know her. In the election campaign he made statements that his position should distinguish significantly from Clinton:

She speaks in favor of rebels. She does not even know who they are. Every time we use rebels, whether in Iraq or anywhere else, we arm themselves. But what happens then? You become worse. Look, what you (Clinton,. D.A.) done in Libya with Gaddafi. He is gone, it’s a chaos.

Donald Trump

Assertiveness has proven Trump in his fight with the establishment of the Republican Party. But there was a performance and popularity. In the Office he will need political power and will to allow American interests associated with arming (Z.B. The fees of US rates of US rates such as General Dynamics, Boeing or Lockheed Martin) to bring in harmony with positions, which in many the hope of a less aggressive US policy.

From his ideas, which he built in the election campaign, such as the establishment of a safe zone in Syria, so that do not leave hundreds of thousands of escape strings in other countries, will not stay much in reality test. It is hoped that the relief confirms that no continuation of aggressive intervention policy has been elected.

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