Recherche creates relevance

Recherche creates relevance

Media Criticism for Corona Journalism (Part 7)

According to the qualitaire criteria correctness, perfectness, opinion diversity, representativeness and objectivitat, it is relevant and research in the penultimate part of the series.


The first and all the decisive question in reporting is the relevance. That sounds so self-ared that the relevance question is rarely criticized in media criticism. Media research has also developed a surprisingly no convincing method of relevance resources. Thus, the large project in German-speaking countries, the Swiss Yearbook Quality of the Media, Dogmatically sets:

Contribution relevance is given if the main areas of society, economics, economics and culture (including art, media, religion, science) is reported. Within these HARDNEWS categories, politics is highly weighted, because the political openness provides the central forum, integration and control services for democratic self-control. Sports and Human Interest can also be relevant, insofar as they contribute to the integration function. This Softnewskategories are dealing with a few relevant and particulate aspects for the democratic community.

(Fog: Yearbook 2019 Media Quality, (Page 172)

Accordingly, the related researchers forgive prof. Mark Eisenegger (cf. Part 1 of this series) schematically for reports on politics 10 points and for "Human Interest" Only 3 points. This scoring is ultimately "Information [give] about the ratio of Hardnews against Softnews as well as the weight of contributors to contribute to contribute to contributors" (S. 25).

In addition to the topic category, another so-called. "Actor" Captured for the content. The highest relevance will contribute attributed to the "Macro level" Play, the company as a whole. Full score received entries here "on the entire population or whole geographic corporations" (Z.B."Switzerland ‘), on action system such as the Swiss economy or on "the abstractness of all in the same way (Z.B. ‘All railroads’ etc.), At feature brace (‘old people’, ‘Manner’ etc.) or on functioning in their entirety (‘manager’, ‘politician’ etc.To)". The fewest relevance points are available for "The actions of individual persons", the so-called. Micro-plane.

Further distinguished is whether the persons "roll", anonymous or "role" be discussed. A politician in his political role brings the journalistic contribution more points than a homestory. In the yearbook it is called (s. 172):

During a roll-up personalization, there is a comparatively good quality, because in this actors perspective, persons as representatives are portrayed as representatives, RollenFenne theme are the slightest quality.

Accordingly, it is called in the first special evaluation for corona reporting (see part 1):

Single-fitting and specific trap can help to explain excursions. However, media, however, have the task of abstracting from a case-by-case basis and possible to make room for free, D.H. Before sovereign decisions are considered to raise awareness-raising aspects such as the consequences of certain measures.

Mark Eisenegger, Franziska Oehmer, Linards Udris, Daniel Vogler: The quality of the media reporting to the Corona Pandemic, S. 3

The relevance evaluation of the Swiss researchers is therefore based on the intentional orientation performance of the reporting, in particular according to their importance for democracy, starting from the "Insight that the quality of democracy depends on the quality of the media" (Yearbook 2019, S. 25).

News value

A greeting of the orientation and thus the democracy serving news selection and printers is partially opposed to another relevance of the media, which with the "Message Theory" will be described. Media company Select from open questions (S.u. "Research") and news offer what appears to be particularly usable. But as with all products, customer demand is by no means a proof of qualitaire. And the mutation about customer interests must not correspond to reality.

If all media from one "Image campaign against outdoors" Report, it is not about the discussion of a for all people important and thus relevant study, but a good selling staging, ultimately to entertainment of the audience.

Any scandalization lives from your message value; Whether she is relevant, stands on another leaf. Therefore, media can provide any possibly outside the official series vaccination (Z.B. Saalekreis, Trier, Erzgebirge, Halle, Minden-Lubbecke.

It will not be researched in peace, whether it could act at all about a benefit in office or other illegality: with envy, there is reliable scandalizing, and for a few days a reporting topic is secured.


An currently uninterracked example for scandalization instead of enumeration is the so-called. "Mask scandal". The scandalization is based on the moral assertion, it was unacceptable to make money with the suffering of people in the corona crisis. If there were indispensable bribery and similar offenses in individual cases, this is self-reliable a topic.

But the scandalization began completely independently. The moral position, no one can beat durfe profit from the pandemic, probably lens barely durable, finally working practically all "Hero" the corona evaluation only against whereabouts; They live on that there are Corona sorry, as the Undertaker lives from death, without this anyway as an excerpt.

Even more clearly, the relevance created by medial scandalization is available in #allesprake. The cinematic comments are not about the journalistic interest is the EKLAT. Voice in the media gets who is on the loudest and most word-strongest. A prime example of this is the media exploitation when mirrors.

Already in the first article, the actual art action is only striped very briefly, then applause will follow out of the wrong corner and lots of mistakes. Even more clearly the scandal framing is in the second post, teaser:

Hans-Georg Maen is enthusiastic, from the AFD comes consent – but many celebrities are shocked over the action #allesproofing of a few artists. Nora Tschirner and others find significant words.

"Really yes, leudende? Unfucking", mirrors.DE, 23.04.2021

The content of 51 videos is summarized in this way:

Ulrich Tukur calls for the retention of all foods, Meret Becker prays from an uberdimensional note an ironic text over protective masks, Richy Muller breathes alternately in two pieces.

The positive reactions are summarized in this way:

Enthusiastically, for example, the early Prasident of the Federal Office Responded for Festival Protection, Hans-Georg Maen. The CDU matters described the action on Twitter as "big". The Hamburg virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasite spoke of one "Masterpiece", the "make us very thoughtful" should. And the AFD Bundestag deputy Joana Cotar tweeted, she celebrates Jan Josef Liefers for its media criticism: "This is intelligent protest."

Everything else is criticism of the action. And this criticism will also be given in the following contributory attention. (For media debate over this example, see the podcast ?Powerless!To)

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