Only a dead taliban is a good taliban..

..Otherwise, the folder death threatens. Comments on the French debate on a use in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the heart of Asia, who does not understand Afghanistan, does not understand anything – on such hymns to a pretty stony, poor country is inevitably, if you put a book on Afghanistan. It is always clear: the country is much more important than you like believing. And not only since autumn / winter 2001, but always: Afghanistan is the key to a whole earth portion.

If one is currently reading, as an ambush is being worked up in France, in which ten French soldiers were killed and more than twenty violates, they will be recalled where the latte is actually due to the war between the West and the Taliban: It’s about much More than just about the defense of Western democracy on Hindukush, it’s about the fight between civilization and barbarism. A well-known reading, which obviously has to be refreshed again and again.

For example, if done on Thursday, the French Illustrated Paris Match publishes photos that show the wild Taliban, as they are in the uniforms of the metoteen enemies (after all soldiers of a well-known unity), with their weapons and, as it is called, also with whose watches pose in front of the camera. This is known for inconvenient Western: the savages that roll around with clothes and jewelry of their opponents.

The fact that the enemies were previously massacred, at least scaled, also belonging to the image – as a lively this picture is in the kopper in many, shows, for example, a letter of readers, whose author outputs themselves as a former Afghanistauchmachfer and by "torture and haunts" committed to the French had been written. It also knows that from the Western: Anyone who works as a women in the Wagenburg against the Rushing Indianhords, stands best on a bullet – for themselves, otherwise threatens marter death.

The grusual "haute and torture" topos is not only worked up in readerships. The processing of the ambush-drama on the Col d’Uzbin is more and more in the direction "slaughter". So that the armee guide yesterday had to launch a top message in the middle of the rumored broken cheese: only one of the ten soldiers had been killed with the bare weapon in direct struggle, emphasized the speaker of the L’Asat Major, of course not without added that the man had previously been shot.

Background of this message: the official version of the abutment in the valley of usbin from 18.August was contradicted from the beginning (see who has shot?), always new versions appeared on, which is always further away from the army manager (see daily dreams the new truth from war). In the eyes of many, the army made even more laugh, when a commander said that one missed the Taliban a "juicy rubbing". So the French magazine Le Canard Enchaîne, actually known as a satiremagazine, is known that there are evidence, after which four French soldiers were captured by the Taliban and afterwards have been execute. These reports of capture and execution were covered by reports English newspapers.

The followed by the considerations, new notes, new versions, highlight a few days ago: The report of the mother of a soldier who was pursuing the battle quasi life – over the telephone of her son, who was allegedly in an armored vehicle, which is why he was the massacre Finally survived and his mother from the battle called.

He reported her by a "nightmare vision around him", from comrades, which were one after the other, from fighting by man to man and that that "Taliban had cut some of his comrades the throat..". "They did not deserve to die like dogs," Mother Sylvie admits the report of her son (which, allegedly, on the hiking of his supervisor, does not repeat himself) and thus meets the wounds of the ongoing debate on the drama.

"Vous Voulez Le Detail Morbide de Chaque Circonstance ?" – "You want every morbid detail?"Defense Minister of Defense Morin, who finally clarified to make it concluded with the bad frames that – as well as the speaker of the Bedat Major stressed," the families destabilize "" and pointed out that he promised that every family Learn CONNE, what you want to know.

But the scones that come from Afghanistan are never stopping. They go on, so yesterday, the British Telegraph announced that the Taliban, who were responsible for the ambush of the French soldiers, was dead, while a completely different commander named Farouki the French, especially the Paris Match Journalist Veronique de Viguerie, still on On Wednesday, he had explained that he "became every Frenchman, all", if they were not left soon the country.

Afghanistan remains a difficult country, not only what the clarification is concerned, because even the taught wants to be well cooked: how wild should be the Taliban – so wild, that the western parties in no way do not mispray their mandate, but then not like barbarians, but then not too wild, so you can not speak of war and ruling because it could destabilize families and crib by young people?

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