How to Start a Cleaning Company at My House in Singapore?

How to Start a Cleaning Company at My House in Singapore?

Beginner’s Guide to Start a Cleaning Company from Home in Singapore

Singapore is flowing with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you are looking to start a company, Singapore is the place to do so. It has the right market firmness, networks, and infrastructure to sustain a starting and growing business. With the right expertise and skills, you are sure to be the next success story in Singapore.

Business from home is becoming the new thing now that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting industries all over the world. And Singapore entrepreneurs are fortunate to have the capacity to start and run a business from the comforts of their homes. Starting a cleaning company is one of the many businesses you can start from home. You only need a channel for customers to contact you, the skills and equipment to complete the job, and the expertise to do it in superior quality.

Aside from the advantage of being able to start this business from home, it also has a good market in Singapore. And now that people are more conscious about maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of their living and working spaces, this demand is even magnified. Therefore, if you plan to take on this business, there is no worry about your customer. You can offer general cleaning services for both residential or commercial spaces or specialize in either.

The National Environment Agency governs the cleaning service industry in Singapore. When starting a business under this sector, owners have to comply with the agency’s requirements. You have to know and comply with things when starting a cleaning company at my house in Singapore.

What Is Cleaning Company?

Cleaning companies are service establishments that offer cleaning services to the public. These services include commercial cleaning, apartment cleaning, and janitorial services. Homeowners and companies hire cleaning services to assign the cleanliness and sanitation of their spaces to cleaning expertise. At times people acquire services from cleaning companies to periodically deep clean spaces not usually reached by routine or daily cleanings.

Cleaning companies do not necessarily need to rent office space to operate. A work-from-home setup is sufficient to manage marketing activities and other business functions. With the available technology today, customers do not need to physically visit cleaning companies to book cleaning sessions. Instead, companies can set up a website or provide contact details from which to contact them for inquiries or services.

Business owners can also vacate space at home for cleaning equipment and supplies. You can also contract another person to work with you on-demand. You can be the one to manage the business functions while you hire someone with Supposebetter expertise on the job. This arrangement works best if you are better at managing businesses and has limited practical skill on the service.

Why Choose to Start a Cleaning Company at My House in Singapore?

The cleaning service industry has always been crucial in ensuring a clean, well-maintained, and liveable environment. And because of the current pandemic, there is an even higher demand for cleaning services in Singapore. Experts even suggest that this momentum will continue even after the outbreak. So starting a business in this sector is a sure success if you do it right.

Furthermore, even if homes and commercial establishments can purchase equipment and cleaning solutions, the output of a professional is different. The public knows this, and that is why the industry never loses its appeal. Additionally, sometimes people don’t really have the time to do these things themselves. Your cleaning company takes this problem from their plates in exchange for a considerable earning.

Requirements to Starting a Cleaning Company at Home in Singapore

Before anybody can start operating a cleaning company in Singapore, they are required to register it with ACRA. One can easily do this online BizFile, an ACRA online platform. Accessing the agency’s services will require a SingPass ID. And because this is a from-home setup, you also have to register with the Housing & Development Board (HDB) under the Home Office Scheme.

Next, the company needs to acquire a cleaning service license from NEA. The application costs $130 and will take up to 30 days to receive the issued license. The license is valid for one year, and renewal should be made 90 days before the current license’s expiry date. Cleaning companies found to be operating without a valid license would be subject to fines starting at $10,000.

Before a cleaning company is issued a license, the agency first assesses whether the applying company follows the prescribed requirements. New applicants must have at least one employee who either (1) has two years or more experience in supervising cleaning work; or (2) has attended the training modules under Environmental Cleaning (EC) Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ); or (3) have attended the training modules under Technical Skills and Competencies (TSC) within the Skills Framework for Environmental Services.

The NEA also requires that the cleaning company’s workforce attend at least one module under the Environmental Cleaning WSQ Framework. They also require the submission of the cleaners employed and the business’s progressive wag plan. Failure to comply with NEA’s licensing conditions can result in a $5,000 penalty, suspension, or revocation of license.

Guidelines to Starting a Cleaning Company from Home in Singapore

While it is acceptable to hire cleaning staff to work under your business, you must do most of the work at the start. This will allow you to experience and learn the business before you start managing it from afar. Doing this will also save you a lot of money, especially if you are new to running a business.

Next, you have to consider the capital from where to source your initial acquisition of supplies and equipment. Since you are doing business from home, you have much fewer costs to worry about. If you have enough savings to cover the basic business costs, good. If not, you can also take a loan, seek a capitalist partner, or apply for grants that support starting business owners.

Further, you also need to set a reasonable budget for your business. Starting a business will need capital to purchase equipment and supplies for operations. To control these purchases and other expenses, it is advisable to list the necessary things you need. Follow this list to go overboard when you actually order your supplies and spend too much.

How to Grow a Cleaning Company From Home?

Like any other business, a home-managed cleaning company takes dedication and hard work. And most importantly, it needs a sufficient customer base to grow. Building this good client reputation is crucial when starting out and when growing your company. There are different ways you can gain customers and spread the word about your business.

Since your business is home-based, you can take advantage of various community associations in your neighborhood. Joining these associations can open opportunities for you to gain connections and networks. Moreover, you can also make use of the channels available online. You can do email, social media, or website marketing.

Your neighbors really would end up becoming your first clients, so don’t be afraid of going around and handing out flyers or brochures containing information about your business. Going door-to-door is one of the most effective ways to get your brand out there. It gives a lasting impression and allows for a direct way to relay information. Potential clients can also raise their questions with immediate responses from you.

Moreover, your reputation would be your biggest marketing strategy. If you consistently provide top-quality cleaning services, your clients themselves will recommend your company to others. Word of mouth would then bring your business name to other people or communities.

Start a Cleaning Company from Home in Singapore

Starting a cleaning company is one of the most ideal business ideas you can start from home. And with Singapore’s ease of doing business, you can focus more on planning and strategizing how to bring in clients to grow your company. Starting is always good; it’s how you will learn the different tricks of dealing with the market and industry trends. The key to being successful is to never be complacent and always have an edge over other companies.

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