Aleppo: putin arranges one “humanite pause” at

Aleppo: Putin arranges one'humanitare pause' an

Headed corridor. Image: Live Cam Russian Defense Ministry

The Syrian government has inflated corridors for civil avenue and militiamare. Allegedly, the militias have reacted with fire-bore

The Russian Prasident Putin called on Wednesday his Syrian office colleagues Bashar Al-Assad. According to the Syrian news agency Sana, he stressed that Russia’s attitude towards Syria did not change. You can continue the continuation of the struggle against terrorism and the preservation of the unity of the Syrian territory. There were doubts about it?

"Humanite pause"

Today’s Thursday morning at eight o’clock have one "Humanite pause" started in Aleppo, such another message from Sana. Eight "Humanitar corridors" were opened to allow civilians to evacuation from the residential districts in the East Aleppos.

The Syrian news agency cites the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Schoigu, according to which the "Humanite pause" should be requested for another 24 hours. The government in Damascus supported this. The news agency does not refers to a statement from the government in Damascus, but on a report of the Russian station RT.

According to a report of the Russian news agency TASS from today’s Thursday, the breaking of the break was carried out by 24 hours due to an instruction of the Supreme Commander of the Russian Displeased, Vladimir Putin. She was already extended during a few hours during the day, from 4 pm local time until 19 o’clock. Russian planes and Syrian aircraft have been since the 18th. October no air raids more on Aleppo Fly. According to information from Reuters, the break should be extended to 11 hours on four days.

The report of the OCHA

According to the youngest Flash update of developments in Aleppo of the UN Buro for coordinating humanitarian affairs (OCHA) were from 23. September to 8. October 406 people in East Aleppo hasoted and 1.384 injured.

In the Western residential areas Aleppos also falls bloody and bad, but in significantly smaller dimensions: from 20. September to 12. October, a slightly long period of time, is reported by 91 deaths – highlighted that there are 19 women and 18 children – and 492 injured.

Aleppo: Putin arranges one'humanitare pause' an

Headed corridor. Image: Live Cam Russian Defense Ministry

The numbers, so the UN-BURO, have been found by Oriental Sources (Local Authorities). The OCHA report notes that in the period of 8. Until 12. October was observed a decline or a rearance of the air raids. Since then, however, the hostilities have increased again – the report comes from the 13th. October. Anyone who reads him is the obvious that the attacks of the Russian and Syrian militars demand a lot more victims, but also that the militias of attacks on residential buildings. In addition, however, it also falls on that there are intelligibility for elementary care.

The water supply has improved slightly – after an agreement between the conflict parties, it is called in the report. Concluded was the agreement with the help of People of Aleppo Initiative, who has been drawing attention to the problems of water supply since 2014.

The Paris Match Reporter Regis Le Sommier recently stopped after a visit to West-Aleppo that control of the water supply for certain districts in the west of Aleppos in the hands of the militias.

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