500 Million from germany for multimilliardar poroshenko?

the "Anti-terroronation" Desort the Ostukraine, numbers should u.a. The EU, the wing of the Ukrainian oligarchs, which hold the rudder in his hand, is written

Chancellor Merkel promised to the Ukrainian President and Multimilliardar Poroshenko (chocolate cones), as far as an ex-minister under Prasident Yanukovich and owner of an influential television station, during their visit to Ukraine one day before the celebration of the independence day a help of 500 million US dollars for the Reconstruction of the Ostucraine, which was destroyed at least through the Ukrainian disputes with artillery fire on the city and destroys. From the EU, Poroshenko expects a total of 5 billion euros for the "For the restoration of the infrastructure".

500 million from Germany for Multimilliardar Poroshenko?

Spectators at the anti-evening celebration in Donewzk – all terrorists? Image: russia today

The Federal Government and the EU prefer to give billions to the bankruptcy states steered by oligarchs as countries such as Greece or Portugal. The principle, however, remains the same, in Ukraine as in Greece, the wings are spared the rich. And because part of these promises more of the EU (and the USA) than Russia, it is also hurried to create facts and bring the country under control of the IMF. Of course, the rich is threatened by the rich, but the incurable population.

So why the German taxpayers for destruction, which are also committed by the Ukrainian government, have been able to pay money for reconstruction or at least guarantee, without first of all, a handsome amption of the oligarchs is done, all of which, so you can suspect, not just arrived on a clean way to your? There one speaks of freedom, democracy, western values and whatever, but it’s about interests, especially if a representative of the rich elite has the rudder in the hand.

The ICRC reported on Saturday and Sunday that the bombardment of residential quarters in Lugansk continue that food, medicine and drinking water are still close. "Armed violence" Preventing people can reach the distribution points where help from the Russian convoy should be distributed. People are full of panic. All conflict parties are invited to refrain from the shelling of civilian buildings and facilities and there is no militar there. That’s how the Ukrainian disputes will take you.

From Merkel, it was publicly raised Russia again, but the Ukrainian government was prompted from its highest confidential to more military accessibility. Public pointed out that Poroshenko has always "Municipal self-government, decentralization, national dialogue, on a string reform and to respect for the cultural and linguistic identity" have set, which is also very important. Militarian give it no solution, it insisted. It takes a thing "two-sided ceasefire", If she explained what is not in the sense of Kiev and probably the NATO and the US government, but the demand of Kiev added that this "With a clear control of the Russian-Ukrainian border" MUSSION. Overall, Merkel demonstrated that a NATO membership of Ukraine denied and also rejected further sanctions because of Russian aid convoy that "with good will" The ies are politically through talking soluble. In doing so, it seems that, among other things, on direct talk between Poroshenko and Putin in Minsk on Tuesday and on the contact group, where, however, the Ukraine is still clearing. However, the 500 million from Germany and the billions from the EU alone support Poroshenko’s not negotiated peace plan or. his rather poor commitment for that.

500 million from Germany for Multimilliardar Poroshenko?

Militarian strong on independence day.

Poroshenko used the day-to-day day on a show of supposed military strong, which, of course, internally entered the accusation that the self-representation in Kiev’s soldiers and weapons from the combat areas have been used, where they were needed necessary. Although Donetsk and Lugansk are largely surrounded, in the face of hard strugs, even in other bats does not seem to be an early end in sight. Many Ukrainian soldiers seem to be poorly erupted and are equipped with their families and even supplied with food. Even Ukrainian media succeeds the government propaganda. In any case, the Prasident explained that in the future a lot of money will go into the rust. But he does not love the financing.

Poroshenko, who since the short one-sided ceasefire speaks only rhetorically from the intended peace process, described German help of flattering as the Merkel plan, which he compared with the Marshall plan. That he belonged to the warrior conflict, belongs to the business, as well as the suggestion that merely Russia and "Terrorist" Behind them and this is not a dominuous conflict: "War is not our decision. That comes from Augen. Our decision and choice – we talked to the Mrs. Chancellor – are peace, the peace process and implementation of the Peace Plan of the President of Ukraine in the Donbass area." And he explained that people in the East Ukraine, but many are not fled to West Ukraine, but to Russia, nothing with the "Foreign solders" had to do: "Ukraine is ready and able to maintain a peaceful regulation. Who prevents us? – Foreign Soldner! Bring weapon carriers away from our area, and I can tell you: peace in Ukraine will come very fast."

500 million from Germany for Multimilliardar Poroshenko?

Bad against the Geneva conventions

It is always with internal conflicts so that the decrease is donated from abroad, the population itself has been quite government-compliant if they were unstacked and brainwashed by media propaganda. Bizarre are talk about the "Fascist" Also in the Ostukraine. The lodging staff has shortly exchanged to minimize the proportion of Russians. Despite as ever-minded Russian help, the Ostukraine conflict is asymmetrical. Asymmetrical is a conflict especially if only one side has the possibility of attacking even from the air. The inferior party will always try to protect yourself with, which means to hide behind the civil avenue.

However, the separatists in the East Ukraine often passed enough to give them as a terrorist. For independence, they have in Donetsk, which most of the Russian media prefer not reported, not only destructed tanks, artillery and other heavy weapons presented, but also prisonered Ukrainian soldiers for troubleshooting. They were raised with eggs and bottles, after which the strain was habipped with water. This is a clear incredit against the Geneva conventions, which also violate the Ukrainian disputes, such as the Human Rights Organization HRW,.

Tragic is that there is no independent force. The UN Security Council is paralyzed, against Russia he can not decide. As long as the Funf Nuclear Objects have a veto right, conflicts affecting one of these made, not neutral can be dissolved. That has not only been shown for a long time for Israel, but lately also at Syria.

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