Corona panic only for incredible?

Corona panic only for unbelievers?

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According to the church, there should be no contagion of infectance at the sacrifice, government also adopts sharp occlusions

In the medial wind shadow of the escape lady drama on the Greek eastern border, there are excitement around the Corona virus, as in the world world,. On Saturday, the Sender Skai reported a lightning survey that was afraid of an escape crisis in Greeks, but only 42 percent were worried about the Corona virus. On Sunday evening, 73 cases were known.

After the first known traps, all travelers from Italy, a complete travel group was positively tested for a priest. The group was returned from a pilgrimage to Bethlehem and could infect other people, because despite fever and severe lung to a majority of pilgrims, the doctors do not perform any tests on Covid-19. The appropriate statement came from the state health service.

Only as one of the pilgrims from the hospital in Amaliada, where he was relocated to the hospital of Rio near Patras together with other patients, and his situation worsened in the normal hospital room, there was one of the doctors on the test. This was positive, so that the for Covid-19 trap of the region around Patras has been planned and sustained hospital of Rio itself under quartaine. The floating pilgrims were found and as the priest of the group even interviewed by television teams.

The sudden increase in infections started the government. From Monday, the social senior citizens’ counterpoints throughout the country are closed for a month. Meetings and congresses also have to be canceled, at least for the next month can be canceled. For school effluents, a ban on two weeks. Also for two weeks, all sporting events take place under exclusion of the public. In all regions with infections and serious suspected traps, the schools are closed. The respective measures are reassessed shortly before their expiration and, if necessary, demanded or expanded. Because of a lack of capacity to hospital beds, there are rules for the treatment of patients at home with low-pronounced symptoms.

Not affected by prohibited are religious events. The church in Greece defends itself against any restrictions. The bishop of Pirau’s Serafe secretes even that only those could be affected which were taken to trade fairs including Eucharist without true faith.

The Supper as a source of infection – a question of faith?

The Lord’s Supper is donated in the Orthodox church from the priest with a lofet for all credes. Before he has in the mystery of transformation into wine sprinkled broadstucke "Meat and blood of Christ" made. Unlike in the Romische Catholic Church, there is no host.

After there were reports that the Covid-19 hotline announced worried credans on request that there was no contagion hazard at the sacrifice, the church became the subject of public discussions.

Just the professor for infectious diseases at the University of Athens, Eleni Giamarellou, for horror of their colleagues that no danger of their colleagues, and thus raised the scouring over the dieburdial statement of the hotline.

On demand, what she was done when she with her communion right after a well-known Covid-19 patient’s hour, the professor answered: "I will with faith in God that I do not have to counteract the communion. I tell you what I will do yourself."

The cardiologist and Syriza politician Giannis Michelogiannakis also replied. The parliamentarian from the NEA Dimokratia, Elena Rapti, emphasized on Sunday opposite the church intelligence service Rufea that she had gone to communion at the morning trade fair. "If there are deep faith, then communion is healing", She said.

Such views were also shown in the main message broadcasts of television broadcasters. The later comments from newsphelters, that one should turn into doubt about his physician, appear in view of the fact that physicians also pay under the baffles of communion from the same chalice and with the same loffer, hardly rearing.

For infection protection, the party leader of the right-wing-populist Greek solution on its TV-shop sells a hand cream, which Corona viruses should be remained completely. As medicine admitted, the alleged miracle is not.

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